Providing Diversity and Inclusion Training Nationwide


Our Diversity Navigators assist in engaging, marketing, navigating, and training on ALL diverse groups. Our labor studies and demographic and geographical reports assist companies in making changes to their workforce policies and procedures on sourcing, recruiting, screening and selection of diverse staff. TAP Diversity Navigators creates services for various industries and businesses on strategies to maximize Customer Service Management Systems and enhance Civic & Community Engagement all in Diverse Communities.

Our Business Consulting services are Administration, Human Resources, Marketing, and Operational Management. A few areas of expertise are Cultural Competence & Proficiency; Diversity & Inclusion; Unconscious Bias Awareness; along with numerous diverse resources. The exploration of new tactics and new strategies for targeted diverse groups bring increases. Authentic and intentional engagement with multi-cultural differences can strengthen employee participation, retention and create welcoming climates. Our agile team offers training tools and strategies that are responsive, relevant and respectful.


TAP Diversity Navigators

Remains in the school of continual learning, exploring and reviewing data transformations of global and national companies and industries. Our team uses various HR statistical analytics and HR management best practices. We remain observant to trends, inclinations, and movement in disparities, market data reviews on internal and external systems. The US Census, US Labor Statistics, International and Global Trends provide resources albeit to the appropriateness of the requested reporting. EEO, OSHA, and HR regulations and guidelines are adhered to for the proper operations and productivity in ALL departments of ALL companies.

TAP Diversity Navigators develops Life Skills, Workplace Readiness, Executive Development and Engagement topics for workshops and seminars by keeping a pulse on the ever-changing needs, demands, demographics, and migration trends in the workforce.

Products Offered

  • Human Capital and Resource Reports
  • Disparities Datafication Reviews
  • Training Tools
  • Resource Kits

Services Offered

  • HR Consultation: Application Processes, Recruiting, Retaining, Succession Plans
  • Leadership
  • Training: Executives - Departmental- Individual
  • Analysis & Assessments: People - Business – Partnerships
  • Lectures - Public Speaking - Q & A - Structured Conversations
  • Human Asset & HR Management